E-Sox release new pike and predator fishing wire and hooks

Many pike and predator fishing fans up and down the country will already be dusting down their kit ready for the autumn and winter, and this new range of wire trace material and pike trebles from the Drennan E-Sox stable is sure to find its way into many a tackle box.

Available in 24lb, 28lb, 34lb and 40lb breaking strains, E-Sox Super Trace (above) is constructed from seven strand stainless steel which has been coated with a tough translucent brown nylon polymer to increase durability and resistance to kinking.

It is particularly easy to crimp and will not fray at the ends like some uncoated trace materials. Uniquely, each 15m spool also displays an accurate ‘stated diameter’, so the correct denomination of wire can be selected for the task in hand.

The new E-Sox Extra Strong Trebles (left) are available in both barbed and semi-barbed, and in sizes 4, 6 and 8. They feature a slim eye and gunmetal metallic finish with ultra sharp chemically-etched needle points.

Finally, the barbs have a shallow cut profile to help aid penetration on the strike, without compromising the security of hookholds.

Expect to pay £4.25 per spool for the Super Trace, and £5.45 for each box of 10 trebles.