Drennan release new hooks designed for hair rigs

Drennan has launched three new patterns of barbless hook specifically designed for hair-rigging.

Known as Hair Riggers, they are available in Carp, Silverfish and Power patterns. All feature an upturned eye so that when tied with a knotless knot the line sits straight in line with the hook.

Carp Hair Riggers are ideal for commercial fisheries and are available in size 10 to 18. The Silverfish version has the same wide swept crystal bend but is made from a slightly finer wire for F1s and silvers in sizes from 12 to 18. And the Power version is a wide gape design made from a thick wire for big fish or fishing in snaggy situations. Each pack of 10 hooks sells for £1.10.

All three of these patterns are also available as ready tied ‘Bandit’ hooklengths that measure 30cm in length.

The hair on these has been twisted so that it acts as a semi-stiff boom to prevent the bait spinning on the retrieve.

Carp Bandits are available in sizes 10 to 18, tied with suitable strength line from 7lb down to 4lb. Silverfish Bandits come in size 12 to 18, tied to lines from 5lb to 3lb 8oz, and Power Bandits are offered in size 8 to 16, tied to lines from 8lb down to 5lb.

You get eight hooklengths in each packet for £1.99