Dream of catching a 15lb bream has been fulfilled by Terry Theobald

When planning a two-night bream-fishing session at a Gloucester gravel pit, all-rounder Terry Theobald never dreamed he’d achieve his long term goal of catching a 15lb slab.

But after landing a 13lb 9oz specimen on the first morning, it was his second run of the session that really produced the goods with this impressive 15lb 12oz fish.

Targeting a shallow area at about 90yds, the South Wales speci-hunter baited-up with two buckets of bait that included hemp, corn, 6mm halibut pellets and 4kg of Hinders 3mm betaine pellets, before he presented critically-balanced hookbaits of hair-rigged plastic corn and a two rubber maggots over the top.

“When I had it in the net and switched on my head torch, I couldn’t believe how fat it was,” said Terry. “I had to weigh it three times to make sure it was the weight.”