Choose two gifts with this week's Angling Times - out now!

Get a copy of this week's Angling Times, turn to page 39, and you can pick two of 14 different gifts that will be sent direct to your door.

You can either pick the same gift twice, or select two different gifts - the choice is yours.

You will find the following:

Angling Times Bits Bag
Ideal for storing feeders, leads, spools of line and reel spools. Secure velcro fastening.

Tango Hedgehog Pellet Feeder and Mould set
The hot new feeder that’s deadly on commercials. Fill the mould with micro pellets, push the inline Hedgehog feeder in to load it up, and cast it out – simple!

Tango Method Feeder and Mould set
A safe, inline method feeder and mould set for catching carp on groundbait. Fill the mould with groundbait and push the feeder in to load it up.

Tango Magnetic hookbox
Multi compartment, magnetic hookboxes which are ideal for storing hooks, swivels, and rig bits. Slim enough to fit in pockets or seatbox drawers.

Tango rod rest set
An easy strike front rod rest with U-shaped butt rest are perfect for hands-free Method and feeder fishing.

Angling Times guide to Coarse Fish Book
This brilliant book covers all our favourite species of fish and features hundreds of tips from the country’s top anglers including Matt Hayes, Danny Fairbrass, John Wilson, Steve Ringer, and Martin Bowler.

Angling Times fishing towel
Keep your hands clean while fishing with this superb ‘beer’ towel. Handy size with Angling Times logo.

Set of 3 Tango Pellet Cups
The hot tactic on cold water commercials, these special tools are designed to make small nuggets of micro pellets for threading onto bomb rigs. Three sizes per pack.

Sneak 6lb Camouflage line 100m
A special camo line which is spot on for wary carp on commercials. Blends in with the bottom.

Envy 6lb Green Feeder line 100m
Robust, green coloured line which is perfect for commercial feeder fishing for carp, bream, and tench.

Redi 6lb Red Feeder line 100m
Red is the first colour to disapear and this is the famous Redi invisible line which sold out when launched by AT.

Tango 4lb Orange Float line 100m
Part of the Tango range, this 4lb line is the ideal breaking strain for wagglers on rivers and stillwaters.

Tango 6lb Orange Feeder line 100m
A tough, no-nonsense feeder line in 6lb breaking strain. Part of the new Tango range.

Araty Superflex 3.5lb Float Fishing line 100m
When silvers are the target this 3.5lb breaking strain, soft line is what you want for float and light feeder/bomb fishing. Clear/green colour.


Simply fill in the form printed on page 39 and enclose payment for £2.99 (to cover postage, packing and handling) and we will do the rest.