Chew Valley Reservoir produces another thirty pound pike

One of the first 30lb pike to come from the famous Chew Valley Reservoir in Somerset has fallen to John Chester.

Weighing in at 30lb 12oz, the big predator was taken by the surgeon, who has spent years in search of a big Chew 30.

The fish fell for an oil-injected mackerel fished overdepth on float tactics and, amazingly, came on the 55-year-old’s first cast, before his fishing partner had even set up.

“I’ve been after a Chew 30 for years,” John told AT, “so I couldn’t believe it when my Avon scales pull round to the red.

“We had a few jacks and a fish of 14lb after that, but I wouldn’t have been bothered what we caught, I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day.”