Chapmans Angling to hold another great Open Weekend in March

Chapmans Angling are to hold another of their huge fishing Open Weekends, this time on 26th to 28th March 2010. It's the perfect time to try out the many hundreds of poles, many bivvies and gain some expert help and guidance from some of the stars in the angling world.

As well as opportunities to handle poles at their full length, and see inside a mass of erected carp domes, plus handle hundreds of different rods, this is a rare chance to see some of the most skilled anglers in the country pass on their fish-catching tips.

There will be hour-long demonstrations detailing rig making for the specialist and match angler, bait creation and 'spotlight' demos where experts reveal how to get the most from those niche products that can really give anglers the edge.

You'll get to meet and greet John Wilson, Archie Braddocks, Nick Helleur, Shaun Harrison, Ben Hamilton and many more fine anglers covering a wide spectrum of angling disciplines.

Of course, as well as the opportunity to learn soem neat tricks, you'll have a wealth of great fishing tackle deals to whet your appetite - it could be the best time this year to treat yourself and bag a great bargain.