Catfish triple topped by 72lb 4oz specimen

After drawing a blank on his first tench session of the year, Terry Lampard switched his attention to the catfish in Dorset’s Todber Manor, where he took this massive 72lb 4oz specimen, along with two others in an overnight session.

Targeting the venue’s Paddock Lake with a small rudd livebait fished just below the surface on a ‘polyball rig’, Terry began by taking a catfish of 20lb 2oz at 10pm, followed by the biggest of his haul, which falls 8lb short of his personal best, just an hour later.

He rounded off the night by taking his third and final cat, weighing 16lb 8oz, at 5am, beating them all on 50lb braided reel line, a 40lb Greased Weasel hooklink and a size 1 hook.