Bream best broken twice in three night fishing sessions

Three night sessions on a southern gravel pit provided the setting for Duncan Charman to break his bream best not once, but twice, topped off by this 15lb 4oz specimen.

The Korum consultant, from Aldershot, Hants, used a ‘sling shot’ and a 2.75lb carp rod to launch 80 balls of Sonubaits groundbait laced with pellet and corn to a clear gravel patch at 80yds ¬ a spot which produced 28 bream, including nine ‘doubles’ the best four weighing 15lb 4oz, 14lb 4oz, 13lb 3oz and 13lb 1oz, plus five carp to 28lb 14oz.

“The first night exceeded all expectations when I landed a new pb of 13lb 3oz. Then they really got their heads down the next night when I landed the big girl,” said Dunc, who caught all his fish on corn stack hookbaits of fake and real corn.