Boast comes true - thanks to pb 31lb pike

“I’m going to catch a thirty tomorrow.” This was the bold claim that Buckingham angler James Aris made to his wife the night before fishing a local private lake ¬ and he didn’t disappoint, taking this 31lb pb pike not 24 hours later.

Legering a half mackerel at around 30yds, the predator hunter was hopeful about his chosen swim as his mate had ‘lost something big’ from it on a previous visit. But breaking his personal-best pike by more than 8lb still came as a huge surprise.

“I was just ringing work when the indicator on my right-hand rod went,” James told AT. “I hung up, let the line trickle off the baitrunner a little, then tightened down to the fish, which slapped its tail on the surface and powered off.

“When I got it in the net, it looked huge. It was unbelievable to catch such a stunning fish.” James was fishing 15lb ESP mono line to Drennan wire and treble hooks.