Biggest carp this year banked at Acton Burnell

The biggest carp of the year so far has been caught by Chris Lowe, in the form of this 47lb 3oz mirror from the Acton Burnell Top Lake, in Shropshire.

After seeing a few fish show close together at 50yds’ range, the 39-year-old scattered 2.5kg of SBS Ace Lobworm boilies over the area and then only had to wait two hours for his first bite, which resulted in a 32lb 8oz mirror.

The best was still to come though, and the following morning a slow take saw him lifting into what was obviously a heavy carp.

“When I saw it roll near the net, I instantly recognised it as one of my target fish from the venue,” said the West Bromwich-based Chub Carp Academy member. “I was delighted with the thirty, as this was the first fish to be caught from the lake this year, and considering what the weather has been like, anything would have been a result. To then go on and catch an upper-forty was unbelievable,” added Chris, who beat his previous personal- best mirror of 46lb 4oz.

Both specimens were fooled with 14mm pop-up hookbaits tipped with an SBS White Peppercorn Sweetcorn boilie, which he cast to the edge of his baited area.

Chris mounted his hookbaits on hinged rigs tied with 10ins Riverge Grand Max 22lb fluorocarbon booms and 2ins ESP Stiff Bristle Filament pop-up sections attached to size 8 Korda Choddy hooks.