Biggest bream of this season landed at 17lb

The biggest bream caught this season has been taken by an angler who had spent the first three days of his trip waiting for a bite.

Targeting slabs on his local 17-acre Hasse Fen in Soham, Kevin Lord, whose biggest previous bream weighed 8lb, had the shock of his angling career when the huge 17lb specimen broke his frustration.

Starting the session by baiting a spot just two rodlengths from the bank with a combination of groundbait and pellets, the impressive specimen that’s just 8oz short of the current venue record, came some 60 hours later, making off with Kevin’s 12mm boilie hookbait at around 2am with a screaming run.

“The fish was so powerful that I couldn’t stop it kiting across and completely wiping out my other rods, so I was convinced it was a big carp,” Kevin told Angling Times.

“After a 10-minute fight I saw the fish in the light of my head torch, and when it rolled on to its side what I said was unprintable.

“I’m so glad that I decided to take my big carp landing net for that session because there was no way that it would fit into the pan net I usually take.

I’ve had a few surprises in my time on the bank, but nothing comes close to the size of this fish.” l Also finding the big bream recently was Ken Brown who, again after fishing for three days without a bite, broke his pb twice in the space of 10 minutes.

Targeting a large Hertfordshire stillwater, the first of the fish to grace the 48-year-old’s net was a slab of 13lb 7oz. But no sooner had he returned that fish than he had another take, upping his personal best again with a second specimen weighing 15lb 5oz.

Both fish were caught by the Tring-based roofer from a clear area between weedbeds at 50yds’ range baited with two gallons of pellets and a mixture of particles.

Over the top of this, Ken presented two Method feeders baited with 10mm Nash Bait Scopex Squid boilies. “The bream can be hard to locate, so periods of inactivity are nothing unusual,” he told AT.

“I was pleased to break my old personal best of 13lb 2oz, but I wasn’t expecting to break it again so soon,” he added.

Ken tied his rigs with Kryston Snake-Skin hooklinks and size 8 Gardner Mugga hooks.