Bag 'Em Matchbaits expands its bait range

Bag ‘Em Matchbaits has added a new White Chocolate flavour to its range of semi-hard hook pellets known as Tuffits.

They are pre-prepared 6mm expander pellets that have a very firm texture and are designed for hair-rigging. A bright white colour makes them stand out well, and they smell highly attractive.

When you pass a baiting needle through a Tuffit it doesn’t crumble or split and will stay on the hair, even when being cast out beneath a feeder or waggler. Alternatively, they are just soft enough to pass a hook through and are then ideal for fishing up in the water, as you can slap your rig on the surface safe in the knowledge that your hookbait won’t fly off.

In each 150ml pot you get enough hookbaits to last for numerous sessions. Visit for more information. Price: £2.99