Anglers enjoy frantic carp action at Drayton Reservoir

One of the UK’s most prolific commercial ‘runs waters’ has started producing some incredible weights, with pleasure anglers catching up to 40 specimen fish in just 24 hours.

As on many other carp fisheries in the region  it has taken what has seemed like an eternity  for the water temperatures to rise, but now  they have, catches at famous Drayton Reservoir in Daventry, Northants, are getting bigger by the week.

Anglers paying just £25 for a 24-hour ticket have been kept awake all night long as bite alarms howl out to the endless streams of double-figure carp that have been coming from in-form areas such as The Point, The Boards and The Dam Wall.

Drayton carp are no different from any others and tend to follow the wind, and if you’re planning a session you definitely want to look to fish the windward bank, especially if there’s a warm breeze blowing into it.

The biggest catches have been taken by anglers fishing zig-rig tactics, with a 3ft to 4ft hooklength baited with a bright yellow pop-up fished straight up off a lead. The same bait also works well on a short hooklengths fished in conjunction with small PVA bags of pellets.

Venue bailiffs have noted that one of the most devastating hookbaits for bottom fishing so far this season are the pineapple or plum-flavoured Wafters from Bang-On Baits, so give them a go on your next session.