Angler catches second perch over the magical 5lb barrier

A low-resistance set-up was key to Clive Logsdon’s capture of this enormous 5lb 1oz perch from record-holding venue Stream Valley Lakes.

Steering clear of more conventional baits such as maggots and worms, the window cleaner from Kent offered a bright red legered king prawn that had been soaked in Dynamite Baits Predator Plus liquid to tempt his prize.

Clive (55) took what is his second ‘five’ from the Sussex lake live in front of the TV cameras while filming with his brother Chris and AT columnist Keith Arthur for this Friday’s episode of Tight Lines on Sky TV.

He presented his hookbaits at 35yds with half-ounce bombs on popped-up stems and fished really light bobbins on a long drop for bite indication. The same tactics helped him catch an even bigger perch weighing 5lb 9oz from the same venue a year ago, making him one of a select group of anglers to have caught two perch over the magical 5lb barrier.

“Perch hate resistance,” said Clive, who concentrated almost exclusively on carp up until three years ago,  when he fell in love with barbel and perch fishing.

“I’ve experienced lots of dropped takes and have worked hard on the rigs. I make my own bobbins out of Fox Bait Poppers as it’s difficult to buy ones light enough. I do love my barbel fishing, but a 2lb-plus perch is a great fish. As for the ones in Stream Valley, they’re simply incredible,” he added.

Clive fed a high-attract mixture of chopped prawns, worms, casters and red maggots, and had to wait until last light until one of his baits was picked up by the big stripey.

“It’s an incredible venue,” said Keith Arthur, who fished the pole.

“I didn’t realise just how many silverfish were present - I was catching 8ins roach on large lobworms every put-in! If I went again I’d definitely floatfish prawns, as Clive proved just how much the big perch like them,” he added.

Stream Valley Lakes, located near Crowborough, first hit the headlines four years ago when it produced Les Brown’s 5lb 15oz current British best perch.