Amazing white pike caught from Lake Windermere

This remarkable 13lb 6oz ‘ghostie’ pike was caught by Simon Ashton during a day’s guided fishing on Lake Windermere with ‘Piking Pirate’ Gord Burton.

Both anglers were excited by the catch because Windermere’s crystal-clear waters make for dark green-coloured fish, while this specimen was almost white with a sky-blue head and gill rakers.

“We were both amazed by the colouration of this fish. My girlfriend, Amy, bought me a day’s guided fishing with Gord and we enjoyed each other’s company so much that we went out again a couple of days later,” said Durham-based Simon, who caught the fish on a legered smelt.

“I’ve seen two-tone pike before, but I’ve only ever seen one other fish as pale as this one,” said Gord.

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