Amazing 35lb 2oz Chew Valley pike caught on a fly

This 35lb 2oz pike made Jamie Woods’ 400-mile trip home to Glasgow all the more bearable after he caught it on a fly from Somerset’s Chew Valley Lake.

The fish beats the 33-year-old’s personal best fly-caught pike by 11lb, and was taken as part of a 17-pike haul along with boat partner Nick Rae at the 1,200-acre venue. Nine of the fish were into double figures.

“It’s the third time this year we’ve made the long journey to Chew in search of its monster pike, and until this trip they had eluded us, although we had seen and lost fish approaching this size on previous trips,” said Jamie. He used a flash fly with a marabou hackle and a fast sinking line with an 8ft hard mono leader tied directly to a 30lb single strand titanium wire trace.

The Glasgow Angling Centre employee, who has previously worked as a fishing guide on the River Ebro in Spain, was keen to stress the importance of using the correct tackle to target pike during the warmer months.

“I’d advise anybody looking to fly fish for pike to make sure they are properly geared up so as not to endanger the lives of their quarry by fishing with underpowered gear. Doing that just increases the stress of being captured,” he added.