4lb 2oz roach/rudd hybrid

When Steve Potton first saw the silvery flank of this superb fish break the surface of the water, he thought he’d landed a big rudd of near-record proportions.

But the angler, from Hemel Hempstead, Herts, wasn’t at all disappointed when he discovered that his critically-balanced 16mm boilie hookbait had, in fact, been taken by a 4lb 2oz roach/rudd hybrid.

Nigel Hewlett, fish ID expert for the Environment Agency, said: “The lateral line scale count of 41 is correct for rudd ¬ but if it was pure rudd the mouth would be more upturned, with the lower lip protruding, which leads me to suspect that it’s been hybridised with a roach.” Steve caught the fish from Winters Lake, Manor Farm near Biggleswade, where he was alongside a large weedbed at medium range.