37lb 14oz mirror on a short overnighter

After being unable to get his rods out for over three weeks due to the water being frozen, Lee Pettit wasted no time squeezing in a short overnight session on Monks Lake on the Isle of Wight once the venue thawed, and was rewarded with this 37lb 14oz mirror.

Targeting a clear gravel patch at 30yds range, which he had pre-baited with a few handfuls of chopped boilies the evening before, the 39-year-old offered a 10mm CC Moore Pineapple Hellraiser pop-up in conjunction with a tiny PVA bag of crushed freebies.

“I managed to get my rods out just before dark, and although it felt fairly mild I didn’t see or hear any signs of carp in the area,” Lee told Angling Times.

“I wasn’t really expecting to catch and it was nice just to be out on the bank again, but at 6am I was woken by a slight drop-back on one of my bobbins and then it pulled up tight,” he added.

A decent scrap ensued, but Lee eventually got the better of his quarry, and 10 minutes later was posing for the camera with his prize.

“When we inspected it on the bank it didn’t have a leech on it, so it had obviously been fairly active despite the recent freezing conditions. The lake fished pretty hard last year, so to start 2010 with a carp of this size was a real result,” he added.

The business end of the IOW-based ground-worker’s rig consisted of a Kryston Snake-Bite hooklink knotless-knotted to size 8 ESP Raptor hook.