36lb mirror ends year in fine style

After struggling for several seasons on Acton Burnell Lower Lake, Dave 'Sherpa' Haughton ended 2009 with a bang by banking this superb mirror of 36lb 10oz.

The 40-year-old architect took a five-fish haul from a marginal spot on the low-stock seven-acre Shropshire venue early in December, and as the carp were still regularly visiting the spot he continued to focus his attentions on the area.

"I arrived at 9am on the Friday morning and although I couldn't see any signs of fish in the vicinity I flicked a hookbait to the spot and spodded out about 1kg of pellets," he told Angling Times. "That afternoon, out of the blue, I received a screaming take and after a spirited scrap I had the fish in my net, making it my eighth carp in five sessions. It was a brilliant way to end what has been by far my best season on the lake."

After failing to catch over big beds of boilies, Dave used just a single critically-balanced Mainline Baits Activ-8 Dumbell hookbait in conjunction with a small PVA bag of Bankside Tackle Grubber Pellets.

"There are only around 20 carp in the water so it was nice to catch one of the residents I haven't had before. Hopefully this year my run will continue and I'll be able to bank my remaining target fish known as Cluster," he added.

The business end of the Shrewsbury-based carper's rig consisted of a short Fox Coretex hooklink knotless-knotted to a size 8 Korda Wide Gape hook.