2010 coarse fishing World Championships picture gallery

It has been an incredibly eventful weekend for England. Not only have we been well and truly booted out of the World Cup, but more importantly Drennan Team England won gold at the 2010 coarse fishing World Championships.

The event is fished over two days - Saturday and Sunday, with plenty of days to practice on this year's venue - a huge 200m-wide River Guadiana - the week before.

The target species were bleak, silverfish, catfish and bonus carp, and the three methods used were long pole, waggler and slider.

The river itself is similar to our own lowland rivers in terms of the flow - very steady. But depths vary enormously between pegs, meaning that a draw on a deeper peg was crucial to an angler's success.

The event was covered by Angling Times' Match Editor Richard Grange and Photographer Lloyd Rogers, capturing all the action as it unfolded.

Here are a host of great images from both the practice sessions beforehand and the two-day Wor;ld CHamps match itself...

Click the links to read an account of day one of the 2010 coarse fishing World Champs and final day of the 2010 coarse fishing World Champs.

Practice session photos


Alan Scotthorne finds the elastic-stretching carp during practice sessions


A few of these on the trot would push Drennan Team England high up the points table


The England squad practice on the pole line, figuring out how best to fish it


Small catfish were in plentiful supply in the deeper pegs...


...while some pegs held masses of bleak


Stevie Gardener finds the carp and secures his place in the Drennan Team England match squad


Mark Addy and Dick Clegg analyse practice catches to figure out a plan of attack


Mark Downes discusses tactics with William Raison as he battles with a carp


William Raison and Stevie Gardener cup out more groundbait to keep their swims topped up


William keeps an eye on other team members as they battle it out to win places on the match squad


Another carp falls to William's expertly presented bait



Saturday match photos


Alan Scotthorne - master of the slider float - found bigger silvers on the far line


A German angler's pole suffered under the strain of a large river carp


Strike and Alan Scotthorne hits into his first carp of the match 



Careful shipping back and perfect use of the elastic sees the carp under the net


Relief as the carp is netted. Alan managed to take third in his section on day one


View along E section, where Stevie Gardener was placed


Mark Downes keeps William up to speed with the team's day one performance


William confidently swings another plump catfish to hand


Stevie Gardener's day one catch was enough to net him four points


Final day photos


Shimano Team Wales' Ian Hughes put in a stunning performance throughout both days


Initial rumours had Ian Hughes as winner overall, but that was not to be



This quality carp help Stevie Gardener to second in his section on the final day


Mark Downes joins his winning team for a dip in the River Guadiana


The complete Drennan Team England squad celebrate their fantastic win