12 Deals of Christmas – Treat yourself to a new year deal

There ise just one day left in Angling Times’ 12 Deals of Christmas – so it’s time to get your orders in quickly if you want your item to arrive before Christmas!

With the countdown now on to the December 18 closing date we’re urging anglers to order now or risk missing out on a dozen incredible deals on new tackle items.

There’s something for every angler on offer too with an limited deal on the new Avanti seatbox for just £200 (saving £800), carbon float and feeder rods for just £25 (saving £75), a twin top barbel rod for £15, plus loads of great stocking fillers, including a match reel and amazing tackle storage box sets from just a fiver.

Also online now is the new Avanti Electron Power Active 16m pole package – the UK’s best value 16m pole, plus a Van Den Eynde Winter Bait Pack for £10.

Order now at www.gofishingoffers.co.uk.


DEAL 1 – Van Den Eynde Winter Bait Pack for £10

Over £26 worth of Van Den Eynde and Bait-Tech soft boilies, Aqua Colour bait dyes, and Liquid flavourings - ideal for stillwaters.

DEAL 2 – CK Complete Storage boxes – prices from just £5

Two sizes of high density, storage boxes perfect for pole fishing rig bits, waggler float gear, feeders and leads, carp rig accessories, and sea terminal tackle. Supplied with hooklength boxes with rig boards, four multi-compartment rig accessory boxes, and  10 removable dividers.

DEAL 3 – Avanti GTR3000 Match reel for £5

A great stocking filler reel for float and feeder fishing. Comes with a spare spool too.

DEAL 4 - Carbon feeder rod for just £25!

A 12ft Power Feeder rod designed for fishing with groundbait, pellet, and method feeders on commercials.

DEAL 5 - Eurorunner Excel 500 carp and pike reel - £10

This is one of the UK’s biggest selling carp reels and it’s been revamped for 2011 with an improved freespool facility, more lightweight body and new front drag system.

DEAL 6 – £1,000 pole package for £200

Limited deal of just 200 poles, the new Electron Power Active 16m pole package has every extra you need. Loads of spare kits, a power No 4 section, butt extension, and holdall.

DEAL 7 – 13ft Carbon Power Waggler rod for £25

Get a full carbon, £100 float rod for just £25 while stocks last! Anglers who fish the rivers, or want to fish a float down the edge will love it!

DEAL 8 – Avanti seatbox and FREE wheelkit with bump bar

RRP £999.99 Limited offer price £200 – there are just 100 of these boxes up for grabs in a never to be repeated deal – make sure you get yours.

DEAL 9 – Margin Pole for £30

Avanti’s Hyperactive Power Margin is a real hit and hold pole for handling even the biggest carp at close quarters. Also fits the new 16m Avanti Electron Power Active pole – great for extra kits and spares!

DEAL 10 – Cyclotherm Hooded Fleeces

Described simply as the best fleeces you’ll ever buy for £20. Available in match blue or carpers green they are guaranteed to keep you warm this winter.

DEAL 11 – Fleece hat, gloves, and neckwarmer set for £5

What a terrific trio this is – a top quality beanie hat, fleece neckwarmer, and a pair of fleece gloves – a must-have for all winter fishing!

DEAL 12 – Twin Tip Specimen/Method rod – NOW £15

We’ve knocked another tenner off this £89.99 multi function rod – but stocks are strictly limited.