1 swim, 30 minutes and this 8lb chub

Grabbing a quick half-hour on the bank before dinner proved time well spent for Adrian Busby when he banked this monster chub weighing exactly 8lb from the Great Ouse.

After enduring a number of fruitless sessions over the festive period, the Milton Keynes-based all-rounder turned his fortunes around in no uncertain fashion when he landed the impressive fish from a stretch of the river near Newport Pagnell.

A large chunk of flavoured luncheon meat fooled the specimen, which comfortably beats Adrian’s old personal-best chub of 7lb 7oz.

He said: “I went down to the stretch a couple of evenings before, but realised I’d forgotten my headtorch, so I ended up just baiting a few swims lightly and going home.

“I returned a few days later, just on dark, and flicked my bait into a snaggy area. About 20 minutes later the tip started flicking and twitching, before eventually going right round. I struck into it and took no prisoners from the off, piling on the pressure because of the large snag in my swim.”

After bundling the fish into his net in double-quick time, at first Adrian wasn’t aware of the magnitude of his catch. That all changed when he unfolded the mesh and took a closer look.

“I thought it was a decent ‘seven’ to begin with, but then I realised it had a massive frame and was really thick across the back. When the needle settled on 8lb I was a little shocked, but overjoyed at the same time ¬ I never thought I’d catch one this size.”

Adrian’s rig included a 15lb braided mainline, a running leger, a 10lb Dacron hooklink and a size 4 Drennan Super Specialist hook.