World's biggest bait firm heads to UK

The world’s largest bait manufacturer is set to enter the UK market next month.

Japanese giant Marukyu will develop a range of groundbaits, pellets and boilies all for UK-style angling as it bids to get a slice of a business that could be worth in excess of a £100 million per year in this country alone!

The man behind the deal is John Loftus, who had previously enjoyed success at Daiwa and Shimano, but whose recent dalliance with bait ¬ Ultra-bite ¬failed to make an impact in Britain.

But Loftus, chairman of Marukyu UK, is confident things will be different this time.

“We have been in discussions about bringing Marukyu’s range to the UK for the past five years, but never felt the time was right.

“Now the range of new products is developed specifically to suit the UK market and fish species, with 40 products in total. These include boilies, pellets, pastes and Method mixes.

“We will be showing the baits to the trade in the next few weeks, but the products won’t be in the shops until spring.”

Glebe and Mallory Park fishery owner Roy Marlow has been appointed director of research and development, but he is remaining tight-lipped as to exactly the kind of products we can expect to see.

Marukyu’s existing range is mainly paste and groundbait designed to suit the huge Asian bait trade, although it is understood a range of products has been developed specifically to suit the UK bait market.

This is the first time Marukyu has attempted to develop bait outside Asia and managing director Nobuyoshi Okada is excited by the development.

“It has always been a dream to make the brand global and we are relishing this opportunity,” said Okada.