World record common carp landed

This is a picture of the largest common carp in the world - a colossal record-breaking beast weighing in at 85lb 9oz.

It was taken by German ace Dieter Markus Stein from a top-secret stillwater in his homeland, a venue which is regarded as one of the hardest lakes on the Continent where the gap between bites can somentimes run into months.

Incredibly, it is the second time the 31-year-old big carp fanatic has banked the monster specimen, which first graced his net almost two years ago weighing a 1lb 8oz less.

Dieter banked it this time while targeting the venue¹s elusive giant mirror carp, but was far from disappointed to see his old friend again.

He said: “The area of the lake I had been targeting had started to become quite busy with other anglers and because of the extra noise and commotion the fish activity slowed up as they moved out of the area. I decided to target an area which doesn¹t get fished. From November I began introducing whole and crumbed boilies to get their confidence up.” Dieter used a critically-balanced hookbait comprising half an Imperial Baits Carptrack Fish boilie bottom bait combined with half a pop-up. With a PVA stringer of three halved boilies tied to the hook, it proved too much for the huge specimen to resist, the bite coming at 5.30am after a short overnight session.

“I was hoping to catch one of the lake¹s big mirrors, but I certainly wasn¹t complaining to have the common at a new record. It put up such a powerful fight ¬ the best I¹ve ever experienced ¬ lasting over 20 minutes.” said Dieter.

If it keeps growing at its current rate, in a few years¹ time the huge common could break the overall world carp record, which stands at 91lb and was caught by Andre Komornicki from Les Graviers, France in October 2008.