World Champs in June, but same controversial system

The CIPS meeting also saw the thorny issue of the section split debuted at this year’s World Champs in Holland discussed at length.

The split, which saw each section split into three ‘zones’ received a frosty reception from both big guns and the smaller nations it was introduced to help.

Slovakia (pictured) won to be crowned champions, but had the match been run to the original system, they’d have finished eighth and England second instead of fifth!

Despite calls for it to be scrapped and the World Champs to revert back to the way they were, the system remains for Spain, although in a different format.

“Each section will now be split in two rather than three and the top 10 teams on results in World Champs over the past decade will be given a seeding,” Dick Clegg explained.

“My understanding is that five of the seeds will fish in one half of a section on one day, swapping over to the other half on Day 2 and vice versa.

“It’s all a little confusing and I feel that these seeds are being used as guinea pigs. I wanted the system scrapped.”

The date will also alter for the event in Spain, moving from September to June. This is because Vicario Reservoir will be at its lowest level at the end of a hot Spanish summer and also suffers from fish mortalities at this time of year.

June will see slightly cooler weather and higher water levels and the match will now take place on the weekend of June 26 and 27, swapping with the Euro Champs.