Win John Wilson original hand-written video scripts

Here's a chance to win a pair of unique, hand-written and therefore signed video scripts from the one and only John Wilson - Britain's most-loved angler and fishing TV personality.

We have two A4 scripts to give away to one very lucky winner - containing seven pages of John Wilson's hand-writing in total.

Both scripts are well thumbed, rough notes that John used as reminders and prompts when he filmed two videos for us here at

As they are scripts that John used on location, they aren't in pristine condition - they are creased, well-thumbed and have corrections, scribbles and creases. But all this adds to the prizes' appeal.

The scripts themselves don't have a value, but they are certainly unique, therefore they make a brilliant keepsake. Imagine what your fishing buddies would say if you told them you own them!

Chances are, they are both sure to be worth a pretty penny in many years to come!



To enter this unique competition simply answer the following question, based upon information that can be found in one of the two John Wilson videos that appear on this website.


Q. Which make of line does John Wilson use when he's fishing for salmon or pike?


The answer to this question can be found by watching the John Wilson videos hosted on thjis web page.

Once you have the answer, simply click HERE and email your answer direct. Don't forget to include your full name, full address, postcode and contact telephone number in your email (as well as your answer!).

Best of luck.

This competition closes at midnight on 8th September 2009.