Win a days coarse fishing with Matt Hayes!

Britain’s number 1 fishing magazine unveils the EXCLUSIVE Matt Hayes Summer Challenge where every reader has the chance to win a day with the man himself…

CATCH a fish this summer and YOU could be spending a day fishing with Matt Hayes!

This is the fantastic prize offered by Britain’s best-selling fishing magazine, Improve Your Coarse Fishing, following the launch of their brand new Matt Hayes Summer Challenge.

Structured to give every angler in Britain the chance to win, the only entry qualification required is that you catch a fish.

Where this Challenge differs from other contests is that it is not a specimen fish competition, you don’t need to catch a giant or be an expert to win a day with Matt.
Just catch a fish and explain why it is special to you.

A first time angler catching their first fish might win a place with Matt, as might someone bagging a personal best 3lb carp or a fisherman catching a true ‘fish-of-a-lifetime’.

That’s it. Just catch a fish this summer, tell us why it’s so special and it’s entered in the Challenge.

Each month through the summer the top five entries win prizes from Matt’s tackle company – Total Fishing Gear – with the top catch awarded a place in the Challenge Final where you’ll get a day of coaching from Matt himself.

But that’s not all, one extra lucky entrant will win a unique ‘Golden Ticket’ to the final. Every entry received, between now and the end of the Challenge on September 15, will be placed in a big landing net and IYCF Editor Kev Green will draw out one lucky winner.

This person - even if they entered with a 1oz gudgeon - will win the Golden Ticket and so they’ll complete the final line up.

So, there you have it. Catch a fish this summer (only fish caught after May 1st 2009 are eligible), send in your entry outlining why the fish is special to you and that could book you a peg at the Matt Hayes Summer Challenge Final.