WIN! 12 Middy Hot Spot V2 poles up for grabs

It's that time of the year when big fish can be found in the margins ­ but getting them out can be a tricky business!

That's where we can help. Thanks to Middy International, Angling Times readers have a chance to win one of 12 Middy Hot Spot V2 poles worth over £2,000 in total this week.

It's the latest pole to be launched by the Derbyshire-based firm, and the V2 is an upgraded version of the incredibly popular Hot Spot which found favour with thousands of anglers last season.

This new version is not only more powerful, but lighter and stiffer too, and with its elastic rating of 22 there¹s nothing this next-generation pole can't stop.

All seven put-in sections have a rock-solid wall strength throughout, and this gives the pole a reliable and sturdy feel of security in the hand, allowing you to really put the pressure on with confidence.

AT's Mark Sawyer, who recently spent a day fishing with the Hot Spot V2, believes it's a pole you should take a serious look at for margin fishing this summer.

"The requirements for a good margin pole are simple enough: power, section wall strength and flexibility," said Mark.

"And this new 9.5m long Middy Hot Spot V2 pole delivers all three in spades." The Hot Spot V2 has an extension to take the pole up to 9.5m, plus a spare
top-2 Power kit and elastication pack, making this a superb, value-for-money package.

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the V2 for use by a seasoned pole angler looking for a budget priced back-up or margin pole ­ for those hit and haul situations where you really need to pile on the pressure it's, well, spot on," added Mark.


Price: RRP £169.99 (shop around and you may find it for £99.99), includes a free 9.5m extension Spare Power top-2 kit Elastic kits included


How to enter


To enter, just simply send an email to with:

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Q. How long is the Middy Hot Spot V2 pole?

A. 7m
B. 8m
C. 9.5m


Closing date is midnight, 1st June.