Will Raison - 2009 World Coarse Fishing Champs silver medalist

If there was one performance that stood out head and shoulders above all else at this 2009 World Coarse Fishing Championships then it had to be silver trophy winner William Raison's.

Few men managed to catch bream in any numbers on both days but at times William made it look ridiculously easy, plundering five across the two days but it wasn’t all about big fish. He also caught roach in such numbers that he probably could have posted a decent score just getting his head down and fishing for them.

William’s fishing really seems to be on another planet at the moment and Mark Downes still reckons he’s the best angler on the planet. He also reckons he was born to fish for England and on this performance you can’t argue with either statement – he looks so at home.

Day one actually put him in a good roach area and he made hay while the sun shone on that short line with bloodworm and pinkie but part of England’s plan was to catch a bream but William wasn’t content with one! A brace plus that healthy wad of roach saw him just a couple of slabs behind the section winner and a shout of a medal.

Twenty four hours later he was only a few pegs from where bream had been caught on Saturday and sure enough he forged ahead on roach before news filtered down the match length of one, two and then three bream. Winning the day was a foregone  conclusion. The question was what colour would the medal be?

As it turned out and despite 15 section winners the day before only one man, Russian Igor Potapov won again. With William on three points and having such a superior weight of 15-332 silver beckoned, Dane Simon Jensen also scoring three points but catching nowhere near as many bream.


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