Where now for the World Champs?


Holland will not host this year¹s World Champs following the rejection of both of its proposed venues by world matchfishing governing body CIPS.

The Steenwijk Canal had originally been penned in to host the big match in September, but with the CIPS committee giving this and the Dutch second choice venue the thumbs down, the search is now on for a country with suitable waters to step in.

Early rumours include Spain, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, the latter two in the running for the 2010 event but at present, it¹s a case of watch this space as former England boss and CIPS committee member Dick Clegg revealed:

“In early December the Dutch were asked to supply a second venue in case Steenwijk was rejected. This isn’t up to scratch either so now we need a decision on where the 2009 event will be,” Dick said.

“Nothing is 100 per cent yet and as we speak, I’m waiting on news. We did moot a few possibilities at the CIPS meeting last month as a Œjust in case¹ scenario and I would be in favour of moving forward the 2010 venue as this obviously has wheels set in motion for organising such a big event.” The Spanish option is a man-made reservoir near Toldeo that has hosted big international Sensas matches before. William Raison and Sean Ashby have fished the place and Sean reckons it would fit the bill.

“I’ve only fished it once but it is stuffed with carrasio and carp and is purpose-built for matchfishing with steps down to each swim,” he explained.

“There’s around 200 pegs on it but failing that, the nearby Castrejon Canal would be somewhere we’d all love a crack at after 1999 and the Ladies a couple of years ago. Anywhere will do as long as it produces a decent match!”