We test the new Spro Pellet Waggler fishing rod

The pellet waggler is, without doubt, the ‘in’ method at the minute. Anglers up and down the country have been using it to devastating effect and, when fish are feeding shallow and beyond the reach of a pole, there is nothing to beat it, write Angling Times' Mark Sawyer.

As a result, just about every major tackle manufacturer has launched purpose-designed two-piece rods that range in size from short 9ft or 10ft wands to 12ft models. Some have been better than others, but overall the quality of the rods that we have tested has been very high.

The final rod to be tested in this category this year is the new offering from North London-based Spro.

There are two styles available. One is called a Power Pellet and is best for big fish or serious bagging situations. The other, and the one selected for our test, is just called the Spro Pellet Waggler.

It can be purchased for £97 if you shop around and it has a lot going for it. At just over 11ft (11ft 4ins, to be exact) it is perfect for short-to-medium range work and has all the top features you would expect at this price.

It’s constructed from a high-quality IMT7 carbon cloth and has single-legged Fuji guides on the tip section, with sturdier double-legged Fujis on the butt.

The full-length cork handle proved to be a little bit awkward because I much prefer a pellet waggler rod with a short handle so that it can be easily manoeuvred around your body when repeatedly casting. But it isn’t anything that two minutes spent with a hacksaw wouldn’t sort out!

In the hand, the rod feels very light and it has a quick reaction time, picking up line very quickly on the strike.

The top section has a soft action that should cushion any over-exuberant strikes, so you should never snap off. And the rest of the blank has a sweetly smooth progressive playing action with oodles of hidden power lower down in the mid-butt section to cope with bigger lumps.

Summing up, I would say that ‘for the money’ this is one of the very best pellet waggler rods currently available on the market. Price: RRP £115