Two new cups from Browning

German tackle giant Browning recently launched its 2010 range and two of the most interesting items for the pole angler are its new pole cups.

First up is the Multi Cupper which has been designed with a stepped design, so that you can place loose particles in the smaller base of the cup and then sit a large ball of groundbait on top.

We also think that it will be great when feeding small balls of groundbait or leam because they will sit in the smaller part of the cup and won’t rattle around as you ship out and break up the ball.

The second cup may alarm some readers. It’s known as the Speed Cupper and has a mammoth price tag of £25.89 ¬ quite a lot for a pole cup!

Browning has designed it for introducing particle baits like pellets in a hurry thanks to its lightweight, tall design that prevents the baits from bouncing out the pot.

Price: £4.99 for the Multi Cupper and £25.89 for the Speed Cupper.