Two carp PBs in three days, from two lakes

A 700-mile round trip was made worthwhile for Adrian Blantford when he broke his personal best twice in the space of three days from two different lakes on the Richworth Linear Fisheries complex, with fish of 35lb 8oz and 39lb 4oz.

Travelling from his home in Motherwell, Scotland, the 40-year-old CCTV engineer arrived at the popular Oxfordshire day-ticket venue at 7.30am, and after a quick walk around he decided to set up on Manor Farm Lake, close to where he’d seen several carp showing.

He had to wait until later that evening, though, before receiving any action, and he then lost two fish on the bounce. With this he upped his hook size and went on to bank three carp to 23lb before connecting with what felt like a better fish. “When I slipped it into my net a huge smile spread across my face,” he said. “My pb at this point was 26lb 12oz, so I knew I had beaten it, even before the scales spun round to 35lb 8oz.”

The next 24 hours passed without event, so he decided to spend his final day on St Johns Lake. He soon found a few carp rolling in front of one of the swims, and positioned his rigs over a light scattering of Nash Mach1 boilies on the edge of a gravel patch at 20yds. “Within an hour one of my rods went into meltdown, and after a sluggish fight I had a huge common sat in my net. On the scales she went 39lb 4oz and I just couldn’t stop grinning. Unfortunately, I’d already had my celebratory cigar after catching my first pb of the trip.”

His winning rigs were tied with size 6 Korda Choddy hooks and ESP Stiff Rig Bristle Filament.