Two 15s - the zed session of his life


One of the biggest zander braces of all time has been landed, with specimens weighing 15lb 9oz and 15lb 7oz.

Predator-fishing fanatic Martin Jauncey has fished the mighty River Severn for more than 40 years, and put his experience to good use when he enjoyed ‘the session of a lifetime’ on his local waterway just before the season came to a close.

After spending a hectic morning with his fishing partner Chris Fowles, catching pike to 13lb 8oz and numerous zander to 7lb 8oz, the 48-year-old from Worcester took advantage of the near-perfect conditions after moving to a location that the duo knew held big zeds.

It proved to be the right decision, because within an hour Martin had landed his huge brace, the bigger of which set a new personal best.

“There are so many big zander in this river it’s just plain silly at times.

I’ve now had three over 15lb this season, and they’re all different specimens,” Martin told Angling Times.

“It’s a big advantage knowing a river so well, because when the water has a slight tinge of colour the two of us can put our heads together and come up with a good idea of where the big zander are going to be. That said, the Severn always seems to have a surprise up its sleeve!

“I’ve had some big fish in my time, but to land two specimens like this in the same session is the perfect end to the season ¬ it’s just a shame we have to stop, because the river is in perfect trim and looks good for some more.” Both Chris’s fish were tempted with trotted livebaits mounted on size 6 trebles and 30lb wire traces.