Trout and Salmon magazine are giving away a free fly box worth £24

Trout and Salmon are giving away fly boxes worth up to £24.99 to every new subscriber, starting today!

The UK’s best-selling stillwater flyfishing monthly has all the latest techniques, tackle and information on where to fish – everything you need to enter the delicate art of fly-fishing! Subscribe to Trout and Salmon today for just £8.60 per quarter and get Free Fly Box worth up to £24.00

Choose either the black dry fly tin worth £24.99 complete with 16 compartments, or the two coloured fly tins worth £11.99 each.

Stillwater Anodised Fly Boxes
Classic style aluminium fly boxes anodised in various colours, to help you keep your fly collections organised and easy to find. Available in two styles:

Coloured; Foam lined one side flat and the other rippled.

Black; 16 compartments with flat foam in lid.

Ripple foam is ideal for storing flies. It allows for easy insertion and removal of flies without damaging delicate patterns.


Payment Options
Quarterly Direct Debit    £8.60 + Free Gift (12 issues)
Annual Direct Debit    £34.50 + Free Gift (12 issues)
Annual Cheque / Credit or Debit card  £36.50 + Free Gift (12 issues)


How to subscribe:

Telephone 0845 1273244 and quote BTAA or click HERE.

This offer closes on the 25th March 2009.