Tri-Cast release ‘best feeder rod of the year’

Tri-Cast has added another first-class rod to its flagship XRS series and we reckon it’s the best feeder rod launched so far this year.

The new 12ft XRS 2K4 Carp Method Feeder utilises the same proven design and carbon construction technology as used in the excellent XRS Carp Power Feeder rods launched a couple of seasons ago.

This means it boasts impeccable build quality matched with exceptional blank strength and super-quick line pick-up speeds.

Priced in the upper bracket of feeder rods at £194, the high-modulus two-piece 12ft carbon blank is pencil-slim, yet still contains an outstanding amount of casting power to propel a Method feeder a very long distance.

The second section provides the rod with a naturally crisp, progressive playing action, allowing you to control strong lunges from big fish.

There are two push-in carbon tips supplied with this rod, and each tip is built with single-leg unlined guides to prevent the rod from feeling top heavy, and both are colour-coded with green (1.75oz) and ruby (2oz) whipping for ease of identification.
Also available as an extra from Tri-Cast is a heavy 3oz black whipped carbon quivertip for £22.99 for use with heavier feeders, or venues with a strong undercurrent.

AT’s Mark Sawyer has used this rod in a few matches over the last couple of weeks and cannot fault it.

“It’s perfect for use with any size of flat feeder. The playing action is controlled without being over-forceful, and casting distance has not, as yet, proved to be a problem.

“I wouldn’t use it for casting a big, frame-style Method feeder, but for 99 per cent of commercial feederfishing, this new Tri-Cast offering is a genuine beauty,” said Mark.