The world's first colour changing fishing line is revealed

Berkley, one of the world leaders in fishing line development, has just launched a new monofilament that changes colour underwater. The line is expected to arrive in the country this week.

It is the result of four years’ intensive development by the USA-based company which is best known to the UK angler for products such as Whiplash, Spiderwire Braid and its outstanding Trilene range of lines.

The product is the world’s first nylon to use the sun’s UV rays to change the colour of the line underwater.

Above water, Berkley TransOptic has a highly visible gold colour, but once it breaks the surface, the sun’s UV rays are filtered out, making it transparent. This change in colour means you can see where you are casting or retrieving from, but remain confident that the fish won’t be able to see your line.

Angling Times asked Berkley’s UK operations manager Steve Egerton for the lowdown on the new line. “TransOptic is the first and only nylon mono to physically change colour in the water.

“A line that is visible to the angler above water is a lot more manageable, but the transparent colour of the line when under water makes it virtually invisible to the fish.”

“Trilene is one of the most trusted brands throughout the UK, and TransOptic has now been added to the range to make it even better,” added Steve.

Used as a normal reel line, TransOptic retains all the benefits of a standard co-polymer monofilament, and has been designed with excellent shock strength for distance casting. It also has tremendous knot strength, and is limp and flexible enough to be used for any type of bait or lure fishing situation.

Being both tough and super dependable with a high abrasion resistance, Berkley TransOptic is sure to find favour with many specialist anglers who can use the line’s outstanding visual properties to ensure perfect bait placement on every cast.

It is available in sizes from 4lb to 25lb and comes supplied on 250m spools. Expected price is £15.50.