The rod that’s perfect for any size of float


Abu Garcia Suveran 13ft match rod

Abu Garcia’s Suveran range of feeder rods is regarded as one of the best on the market, but very little has been heard about its float tools.

I got a quick glance at the rods when we saw them at the Pure Fishing trade show last September where two models were on display. There was a multi-length 11ft/12ft 6ins model and a 13ft alternative. Both seemed pleasant enough, but there is only so much that you can determine from a quick waggle.

The true test would come when I got it out on the bank, so an order was placed for the 13ft model, with an Abu Soron STX 40 reel to complete the set-up.

The rod retails for £149.99, and at this price point you would expect quite a few special features – and the Suveran doesn’t disappoint. Remove it from the rod sleeve and you will notice that it stands out from the crowd with its unusual reel seat, gloss blank and spigot joints.

Abu rates the rod for use with lines from 2lb to 6lb, which suggests that it’s suited to everything from targeting small silvers to match-sized carp, so I headed to a commercial that’s stuffed full of chub. The rod flicked out a 4AAA waggler with ease and my impression was that it could cope with a lot more – even punching a 20g float 50m out wouldn’t be too much for it.

An hour of constant feeding and casting quickly passed. I found the rod a joy to use and it’s one of the most comfortable I have ever fished with.

Its handle is the perfect length and, although it looks a bit old school with its chunky design, once you get used to the increased size it’s really very pleasant. Your hand moulds perfectly around the Grip-Fit reel seat and the thumb rests in a purpose-shaped dimple perfectly. In short, it’s very comfortable to hold and almost feels like an extension of your arm.

When I did hook a fish, the soft tip bent around and cushioned the strike perfectly. Very little of the IM6 carbon blank came into play, leaving it with a strange tippy action. Seconds later the hook pulled. Typical – you wait all that time for a bite and then when you get a fish on, you lose it!

On closer inspection, the hook had actually been straightened. I was quite shocked, as it was a decent gauged wire hook and I had obviously under-estimated the power of what was classed as a ‘match’ rod.

I was back fishing with a heavier hook within seconds. Next time the float dipped I struck hesitantly and ended up playing the fish pretty gingerly all the way to the net. A chub of around 4lb surfaced just beyond the reach of my net and then it went on a screaming run – before the hook pulled once again.

It left me a bit puzzled, to be honest. I don’t think I had previously ever lost a chub on that particular hook. The rod had a tremendous amount of power through the middle sections and I guess that it was too strong to cope with the dogged fight of a big chub on a size 20 hook.

The soft tip of the rod lends itself perfectly to small silvers on the waggler or stick float and the power through the middle will cope with carp to double figures easily when teamed up with bigger hooks In my opinion, it seemed to be slightly lacking in finesse for targeting decent-sized fish on light tackle.