The Method on the pole takes fishing matches apart

Faced with tricky fast bites from F1 carp, this week one ingenious angler fished a Method feeder on the pole up in the water and was rewarded with over 800lb of small carp in five consecutive matches.

Mick Kearns weighed in catches up to 249lb as he cruised to victory in the Mosella Manor Farm festival, where he fished an inline Method on just 12ins of line with a pellet.

The 44-year-old Birmingham angler employed the unusual technique, which relies on a hair rig and the weight of the feeder to ensure fish hook themselves, in order to catch crafty F1 carp in the upper layers of the water where they can be notoriously tricky to hook. But his catches of 249lb, 201lb, 143lb, 118lb and 102lb told a different story at the Evesham, Worcestershire complex.

Mick said that he adopted an almost identical approach each day and started by loosefeeding 4mm hard pellets constantly to draw fish into the peg and up in the water.

"As soon as I caught my first fish, I stopped feeding pellets and relied on the groundbait around my feeder to keep fish there. My mix was 2kg of Dynamite Green Swim Stim and 4kg of brown crumb every day. I mixed this quite wet, so it immediately leaked a cloud from the feeder. If I didn¹t get a bite quickly, I lifted the feeder out and dropped it back in to release more groundbait," said Mick.

His rig incorporated 12ins of 6lb mono to a circular inline Method feeder with the weight in the middle. This was matched to a 4ins hooklength of 0.19mm (7lb) line, a size 16 hook with an 8mm pellet on a hair rig and purple Daiwa Hydrolastic.

Mick's biggest catch of F1s came from Ash Lake peg 5 and included F1 carp to 4lb, but they have reportedly been taken to 6lb from the venue.

"It's no different to fishing a Method on the bottom as you¹re waiting for the pole-tip to slam down, rather than the rod-tip to get dragged in.

Granted it is very simple, but it is highly effective and gives even the average angler a chance to compete against the stars," said Mick.