Terry Lampard starts his new big-fish campaign with giant eel

Just a week after receiving the Drennan Cup, Terry Lampard got his new campaign off to a flyer by banking this impressive 6lb 6oz eel from a Surrey gravel pit.

After spending numerous nights targeting the species from the venue over the past few months with only one small eel to show for his efforts, the 61-year-old finally got his reward during a short overnight session which also produced a 3lb 14 specomen.

The bigger of the brace fell to a double lobworm hookbait presented over two pints of dead maggots and casters, and falls 6oz short of Terry’s personal-best eel, taken from the same venue three years ago.

“I’ve fished the venue a fair bit in recent years, targeting the tench during the day and the eels at night, with very little to show for my efforts, which makes this capture special,” said Terry.

“I took the smaller fish at 11pm on a lobworm fished at half depth in 14ft of water ¬ it gave me a one-toner. Then an hour-and-a-half later I received a stuttery take on the margin rod which, after the usual five-minute tug of war, resulted in the big one,” he added.

A John Sidley rig made from a 2oz running lead and a size 5 Drennan boilie hook attached to 6ins of 45lb Kryston Quicksilver and 12ins of 20lb Amnesia did the business for Terry, who plans to persist with his eel campaign for the rest of the summer in a bid to beat a long-held target.

“I’ve had eight over 6lb now, but I’d dearly love a Œseven’, so I will be carrying on with the eels for the next month or two - in fact I’m off to a different venue tonight which is known to hold a couple of huge eels but also stacks of small ones, so I might not actually last the night!” he joked.