Team Champs Final moves to September to beat weed and boost sport

Team anglers get your diaries out! The Angling Times Team Championships Final has a new date.

Traditionally held in July, the prestigious showpiece event on the Peterborough Embankment of the Nene moves back two months into September next year in an effort to catch the venue in its very best late summer form, taking place on Sunday, September 12.

Recent years have seen the Nene crippled by clear water, weed and no flow and historically, the roach don’t show that strongly early in the season. By September, though, national event organiser Ken Wade is confident it will be a different story.

“We’ve been disappointed with the river in the last few finals but having it in September, which is the month I’ve always wanted the matchto be in, should produce a much better match,” Ken said. “The river is alive with roach at the moment and I’m confident that with bloodworm and joker allowed, they’ll really show well.

“Moving the match back will also allow the Peterborough bailiffs and myself plenty of time to resolve issues such as weed,” he continued. “It’s not right that anglers should have to rake their peg before the match and a lot of the weed is dying back now. We’ve also got a better chance of rain putting colour into the river in September than July, and I’m also planning to use less of the North Bank and more of the river further up from the town, maybe at Orton, where the fishing is much better.”

The move gets the thumbs up from Drennan Team England co-manager and Kamasan Starlets chief Mark Downes, who also reckons that anglers will see the best of the river – and with his England hat on he’s also happy that the event is staying on the Nene.

“It’s as close as you’ll get in England to World Champs-style fishing and that’s a must from an England point of view. We should see a very good match – just as long as it doesn’t clash with the World Champs, that is!”

The last comment though, comes from Ken: “I want to keep the final on a natural venue. I’ve looked at other possibilities this summer but after seeing how the Nationals are going, we’ll soon end up with just this match on a river. That’s got to continue for the good of match angling in Britain.”