Supercup northern semi-final moved from Heronbrook to The Oaks Fishery

The Oaks Fishery will host the re-arranged Angling Times/Van Den Eynde Clubman Supercup Northern Semi-Final following the last-minute closure of Heronbrook Fisheries.

As reported in the news pages of this week's Angling Times, Heronbrook was closed by Cefas just 24 hours before Saturday's match, but the Sessay, North Yorks fishery has stepped in to the breach.

The match will now be on Saturday, June 27 across the Maple, Alders and Poplars Lakes and each team will be contacted by AT and sent a letter explaining the new details.

"It was all a little bit last-minute and unfortunate for the lads that had put in the time practising at Heronbrook, and of course for Neil Dale at the fishery himself," said Supercup organiser Richard Grange.

"However, Tom at The Oaks has pulled us out of the mire by holding the match, so a huge 'thank you' to him. Each lake is a proven match water, very popular with club anglers and more than capable of producing a good team match."


The lakes

Time is a little slim for practicing, but here¹s a quick guide to each lake, what's in it and how to catch them...


A central island on this 41-peg water is within reach of most pegs either by pole or a small feeder or waggler, with a good mix of carp and silverfish including roach, tench, bream, ide and orfe. The ide are prolific, and 50lb weights are regularly taken on shallow maggot. For bigger fish go for that island with meat, corn or pellet. Again, a shallow approach in wider pegs can pay dividends. Don¹t forget the margins late on. The current match record is 122-0-0.


A 55-peg lake with a central island just 13m to 14m away from most pegs, fringed with reeds and small overhanging trees and bushes that scream fish! Carp to 9lb are the main species, plus lots of silverfish including tench, ide, roach and barbel. The island is the obvious area to target, and fishing shallow spraying pellet is especially deadly in warm weather. A few bigger carp do show down the deeper central track to big baits. The match record is 125-0-0.


Second to Cedar as the main match water at The Oaks, Maple is a purpose-built snake lake, with every peg having access to the central island at 12m. The fish are a smaller stamp, with the average carp weighing around 2lb, although there are a few bigger lumps down the edge. Silverfish are also present, but the carp normally grab the main headlines. The island is your first port of call with pellet, meat and corn, while a shallow rig at halfway with pellet can also catch. The current match record stands at 129-6-0.

Venue: The Oaks Fishery, Sessay, North Yorkshire

Date: Saturday, June 27

Lakes in use: Maple, Polars and Alders

Section layout: Three sections of 17 on Maple, two sections of 17 on Alders, one section on 17 on Poplars

Draw: 9am at the cafe

Fish: 11am until 4pm

Number of teams: 17

Qualifying teams: Seven