Stunning 34lb linear carp falls to Steve Wright

This 34lb 4oz linear is the latest in a long line of the highly sought-after residents of Swan Lake, on the Bluebell complex, to visit the net of Steve Wright.

Fishing to a clear channel in between two weedbeds at 90yds range on the Northants day-ticket water, the 56-year-old saw several fish showing over his baits during the first day of his trip, but had to wait until the following morning before receiving that all-important bite.

He told AT: “I’d got the fish to within 15yds of the bank when it weeded me up, and it then took me another quarter-of-an-hour to get it free. I’ve been lucky enough to have had two forties from the venue this year, but this fish is right up there with them because it’s such a stunner.”

A single 14mm Pro Line Big Activator bottom bait fished over 3.5kg of matching freebies proved successful for the Warwickshire-based carper.