Steve Wright bags Bluebell Lake's Dave at 49lb 5oz

In less than an hour Steve Wright took a superb brace of carp for almost 90lb from Swan Lake on the Bluebell complex, banking two of the venue’s most sought-after residents in the process.

Fishing a five-day session on the Northants day-ticket water, the 56-year-old Warwickshire-based rod had already caught three fish to 24lb when he received another bite that resulted in the Scarred Common at 39lb 15oz. Then, just 50 minutes later, he found himself doing battle with the huge mirror known as Dave, which weighed in at 49lb 5oz.

The hotspot proved to be a silty channel between two weedbeds at 80yds-90yds range which he located after a few casts with a marker rod before baiting with 1kg of Pro Line Big Activator 15mm boilies. He said: “I scattered my freebies loosely because I think the carp have wised up to tight beds of bait.”

The approach certainly did the trick, as halfway through the session he was connected to a fish which he’d been hoping to catch for five years.

“I fished the lake several years ago for a season, and even back then it was the Scarred Common which I really wanted to catch. For it to then be my first thirty from the lake was a real result, and I was still on a high when I caught Dave.”

Both of the fish fell to critically balanced boilie hookbaits on size 8 Nash Fang hooks.