Spro BBZ-1 Swimbait - it's deadly

There’s a new contender for the ‘ultimate lure’ crown this season ¬ the BBZ 1 Swimbait from Spro. So lifelike is this artificial that I’m almost afraid what it will do to some waters.

So far, with 20 casts under its belt, it has accounted for two fish to 14lb. You only have to look at the pattern to instantly realise the BBZ will fool a fish into striking.

Created by swimbait expert Bil Siemantel for the American bass market, the lure has a double jointed body with a soft interchangeable tail section that delivers a life-like ‘wiggle’.

In floating, slow sink and sinking varieties, as a casting lure it will cover every inch of the water column. It is also an excellent trolling pattern, and by clipping heavy leads to the swivel of your trace and fishing it slowly off an electric engine, the BBZ can be absolutely deadly in deep reservoirs and loughs.

The 8ins lure is fitted with quality 1/0 Gamakatsu trebles, but a good tip from European anglers who have used it for a while is to up the size of the hooks to 3/0 or even 4/0, as this will increase the number of hook-ups.

Spro makes the lure in a range of colours but as yet only the Rainbow Trout and Silver Fish patterns seem to have hit UK mail order stores.

But this kind of deadly lure made to this high quality spec comes at a price… try £22.99 for size! That might well make it the most expensive item in your lure box but if you want the best, you’ve got to pay for it.