Spain promises to be best World Champs!

The best World Champs ever ¬ that’s the verdict on next September’s showpiece event of England man Sean Ashby after he returned from the huge Sensas Challenge match on the fish-packed venue.

El Vicario Reservoir in Spain will hold the match, a vast reservoir stuffed with small carassio which provide bite a chuck action and weights approaching 30 kilos in just three hours fishing. The Sensas match produced 26 kilos wins both days in horrendous windy conditions ¬ the weights could have been more in better weather!

“It’ll be the best ever in terms of weights and numbers of fish caught,” Sean said. “They had a fish kill this year that lost 18 tonnes of fish and it seems that only the carassio have survived. I reckon you’ll need 25lb in the three hours to do well in your section and upwards of 250 fish to win it.

“Tactics were the pole at 11m with maggot and corn over groundbait and I think the most important thing will be making sure every bite results in a fish ¬ even 10 minutes without catching could finish you!”

Given the amount of fish it might seem to favour the stronger more technically proficient nations like England but co-Manager Mark Downes thinks the prolific nature of Vicario could throw a spanner or two in the works.

“Vicario is an excellent venue but it will be a simple fish race and the problem with that is that if you get behind, you can’t catch up without any bonus fish to go after,” Mark explained.

“Also like on any well-stocked fishery in the UK each section will have good and bad areas. In the Sensas match both Sean and William Raison weighed in 15 kilos from bad areas, while the better pegs were winning with 25 kilos. This could have a big effect on things come championship weekend.”

Given the reservoir’s vast stocks and fast and furious fishing for carassio, which are similar to the F1 hybrid, should England be looking at employing anglers as yet uncapped with a more commercial tilt to their game?

The likes of Darren Cox and Steve Hemingray, regulars at the Euro Champs, are waiting in the wings and both are no mugs when it comes to carp fishing at speed.

That and many other decisions lie ahead of Messrs Downes and Addy.