Shimano's Felindre after sales and tackle spares website is now live

Felindre Servicing is already well known for the prompt and efficient service given to their customers, and for the comprehensive range of spares that they hold in stock for Shimano reels, rods, poles and accessories.

The service that they provide supports Shimano’s standard 2 Year product warranty, and to add to this, their new website at has been launched which makes choosing the correct spare straightforward for their customers.

For every reel in the current Shimano range, the website contains exploded diagrams with part numbers for each component to help you easily order the part that you require.

Other sections to look at in the new site are:

1. A Special Offers section that is regularly updated with popular items and unbeatable deals.

2. A Product Listings section (currently under construction)  which will allow the customer to check stock availability of the complete range of Shimano spares for reels, rods and poles.

3. A Technical tips section which offers valuable information about Shimano products, ranging from line lay adjustment to pole ratings and specifications.

4. In the coming weeks, Felindre Servicing will start to release a regular newsletter which will give tips on reel care, special offers, and technical support. To sign up, follow the links on the website.

5. Downloadable product return forms for both warranty and non-warranty items are available through the website. A typical non-warranty reel service usually costs £8 - £10, plus parts and carriage. Full quotes are available on request.

If you have any technical questions relating to Shimano products or the Shimano 2 year guarantee,  you can contact Felindre Servicing by phone on  01792 796584 or via email at , and their knowledgeable staff aim to respond to queries within 24 hours.