Schoolboy nets 33lb 2oz pike from the tiny River Axe

Catching big fish doesn’t always require tackling big venues…just ask schoolboy Keiran Sage, who banked this impressive 33lb 2oz summer pike from the upper reaches of a small southern river.

The 12-year-old, from Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, was enjoying a day’s roving with a single rod set-up on the River Axe in his home county when the huge predator took a liking to his floatfished herring tail – almost trebling his personal best in the process.

Keiran revealed how the mighty fish flung itself free of the water and surged from bank to bank in a bid for freedom, forcing him to run along the bank in a bid to keep up with his quarry during an epic struggle lasting half-an-hour.

“I was just about to move swims at midday when my float shot under. I struck into the fish and my rod literally bent double,” said Keiran.

“A few minutes into the fight the pike started tailwalking and racing all over the place – it was an incredible scrap. When we netted it and took it up the bank for unhooking, my friend Harry and I just stood there looking at it. We were gobsmacked!” added Keiran.

The capture capped a highly successful session, during which Keiran had already taken a personal-best 12lb fish earlier in the morning along with seven other smaller jack pike.

All Keiran’s pike fell to floatfished deadbaits presented on a single barbless treble hook, a 20lb wire trace and 10lb mainline.