SBS add more products to their corn range of baits

Hot on the heels of Corn Boilies from SBS Baits come pellets, paste and a matching booster dip.

The feed pellets, in 1kg bags, are a high betaine carp pellet containing the same added extras as the Corn Boilies. They are ideal for PVA bag work, cupping in loose or moulding around a Method feeder.

SBS Corn Paste complements the feed pellets perfectly, its vivid yellow colour standing out in murky water. It has a very strong aroma and a firm consistency for waggler or feeder work. Add a splash of water and it will loosen up for polefishing.

The final addition is Corn Booster Dip in a 50ml tub.

SBS Baits: 01562 754172

Price: £3.99 each for the Pellets and Paste, £2.99 for the Booster Dip