Savay carp lake produces superb 6lb 10oz eel

Brian Hankins endured a series of missed runs before finally hitting the jackpot with this superb 6lb 10oz eel from famous carp water Savay.

The impressive specimen, which was part of a three-fish catch alongside eels of 4lb 6oz and 5lb, came on the final day of the 55-year-old’s 2009 campaign for the species at the historic Colne Valley venue.

Over the space of 15 nights, all-rounder Brian, from Market Rasen in Lincs, took 10 eels, all of which fell to lobworms presented over a large bed of dead maggots.

“I fished for eels more this year than in any previous season, making the 300-mile round trip for four long sessions. In that time I received no shortage of runs - proper bites as well ¬ but was struggling to connect with most of them,” said Brian

“It was really frustrating, and I went through the whole range of rig options - light bobbins, open bale arms ¬ all manner of ultra low-resistance rigs. I got it right in the end and on the final day of my last trip took the ‘five’ at dawn and then the big one at midnight the same day ¬ a great way to cap things off,” added Brian, who baited the swim for two days before fishing it.

The biggest of the trio falls well short of Brian’s best for the species, a giant of 7lb 12oz, taken several season ago, but he hasn’t given up hope of beating this mark from a venue a lot closer to home.

“I’ve been having a dabble on a very busy and quite small carp lake in
Lincolnshire, but it doesn’t allow night fishing, which reduces the chances of catching one dramatically. It’s a shame, because I have seen recent genuine pictures of several very large eels indeed from the venue,” said Brian.


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